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Ryan Hewitt Is Hosting A Master Class with Jim Scott in November

Our pal and Tape Op contributor Ryan Hewitt told us he's hosting another one of his Studio Prodigy Master Class sessions in Valencia, CA on November 8 and 9 with Jim Scott. We interviewed Jim in Tape Op #75 and we speak from experience when we...

FREE iZotope Vinyl Plug-in Download!

Our friends at iZotope - who are the feature of this month's Behind the Gear section in this print issue (#82) of Tape Op - are straight up giving away their rad Vinyl emulation plug-in. Download it here, folks, and...

Phill Brown currently answering questions on Gearslutz Forum

Drop in at Gearslutz to check out Phill brown answering questions about his illustrious career and his new book, Are We Still Rolling? 

Get Viva Voce's new album for $3.99!

A one day deal Weds, Aug 17th on Viva Voce's The Future Will Destroy You through Amazon for a $3.99 download. Go for it, the album is great and you read about it last issue (#84) of Tape Op! 

Tape Op iPad App Readers, This Post Is for You!

Due to some abrupt and unexpected events with our mobile app developers, we are making some big changes to the ways our readers can digitally access our magazine. We think it will be way better for everybody - including our current iPad app readers -...

"How A Bunny Sounds" Poster Now Available!

Ever since publishing Tape Op #88, we've been receiving an endless supply of requests to turn the cover art by Kim Krans into some more viewing-optimal format. And so today, we give you the "How A Bunny Sounds" Poster. Please enjoy!

The 4th annual Tape Op Party was pretty awesome.

Free drinks! Gear! Nerds! Bands that didn't suck! It light of all these things in one place, we feel confident stating that the Tape Op Party 2012 was a great success. Our attendance was up from last year with over 500 Tape Op readers joining the...

Tape Op has a new website!

Feel free to take off your worn cyber-boots and stay a while. While you're here, check out our new online articles section, full reviews archive, and multimedia section.  

Tape Op's Editor writes Washington Post op-ed Piece

Tape Op's founder and editor, Larry Crane, was asked to write an op-ed piece on "Spring Cleaning", or what he'd get rid of. Find out here!

DIY Contracts for Freelance Recordists: Protect Yourself Without Being a Jerk

As recording continues to become a predominantly freelance profession and as more artists decide to operate without the aid of record labels, setting our various agreements into writing is even more important. These days there are fewer standard...

Issue #87 coming soon!

We wanna make sure you're ready - issue #87 will show up soon for all you US subscribers. We won't let the cat out of the bag just yet, but we've revisited a well-known studio owner/engineer who had some wonderful insights. Keep an eye on that...

Save up to $150 on Sony's Sound Forge audio editing software!

While the debates over traditional DAWs often seem to go around in perpetual circles, in the arena of dedicated audio editing Sound Forge has been the clear victor for many a studio professional for over 20 years now. Previously only available...